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  Greetings from Alta View Animal Hospital!

                  We know how much you care for your pets, so we do our best to help you keep up to date and on top of the growing concerns for dental and preventative care for your beloved pet. Through this email we try to remind you of the importance of scheduling annual dental cleanings, and regular check-ups to keep your loved one as healthy and happy as possible! Now offering complete dental for just $350! (does not include blood work)


The most neglected area in our pets' general health these days is with their teeth. Without regular check-ups and routine cleaning it is easy for plaque to develope on your pet's teeth. Consisting of bacteria combined with saliva and food particles this plaque can excrete toxic waste products and enzymes that break down gum tissue. If left unchecked the bacteria can cause your pet's gumline to recede and the teeth to become loose. Not long after, the mouth itself becomes inflammed, producing a foul odor, which in time may cause infected teeth to abscess and require extraction. Furthermore, the bacteria in the mouth can then be carried throughout the body, which can weaken the kidneys, liver, and heart! 


With our professional treatment of dental disease we will put your pet under sedation to provide the most thorough examination and dental procedure without causing pain or alarming your pet. After your pet is anesthetized we perform a thorough oral examinationand with special veterinary dental equipment begin to clean your pet's teeth. Our ultrasonic scaler is used to remove the built up calculus (calcified tartar) before it causes further infection. Any diseased teeth we find that require extraction are removed completely and carefully. Next, your pet's teeth are polished to create a nice smooth surface, and the gums are rinsed with a special antibacterial solution to help prevent tartar build up. Finally, fluoride treatment and the new Ora-Vet sealer are applied to further prevent bacteria from returning. Once complete, our dental procedure will leave your pet's mouth bright, fresh, and feeling great. At this point you will have the ability to efficiently implement a home dental care program suited for your pet's specific needs!

So please come by, email us or call to schedule your pet's check-up and/or dental cleanings and help to ensure your pets health and happiness today!

Sign up using the form below or call us at 650-948-1021.

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