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Soft-tissue Surgery

Any surgery not concerning the bone is considered a soft tissue surgery. Our doctors at Alta View Animal Hospital regularly perform soft tissue surgeries on our patients to alleviate pain or prevent life threatening medical conditions. The most common type of soft tissue surgeries are spay, neuter and the removal of a lump/mass from an animal. Many of these lumps are benign (not cancerous) however early detection and removal provide the best outcome for your pet if they are malignant (cancerous).

Animals occasionally suffer lacerations from bite wounds, being struck with objects or accidentally running into branches, etc. These wounds may need surgery to close the area and prevent infection. feel free to contact one of our veterinarians if you have any questions about our surgical procedures.

Pain management is also introduce before and after surgery. Please contact our veterinarians if you have any question about surgical procedures offerd at Alta View Animal Hospital.

Spay And Neuter

Neutered cats and dogs focus their attention on their human families. On the other hand, unsterilized, unsupervised males roam in search of a mate, risking injury in traffic and in fights with other males. They mark territory by spraying strong-smelling urine on surfaces. Indoors, male dogs may embarrass you by mounting furniture and human legs when stimulated. Dont confuse aggressiveness with protectiveness; a neutered dog protects his home and family just as well as an unneutered dog, and many aggression problems can be avoided by early neutering.


While their cycles vary greatly, most female cats exhibit the following signs when in heat. For four or five days, every three weeks during breeding season, they yowl and urinate more frequently sometimes all over the houseadvertising for mates. Often, they attract unneutered males who spray urine around the females homes. Female dogs also attract males from great distances. Female dogs generally have a bloody discharge for about a week, and can conceive for another week or so.

-For More Information On Why Spay And Neuter Your Pet Click Here 

Orthopedic Surgery

Joint injuries are also very common in pets, especially in large, athletic breeds, and in overweightTPLO_x_.50132525_std.jpg dogs. Orthopedic surgery can greatly improve your dog's quality of life. Orthopedic surgery in animals can include reconstructive surgery required due to an accident or illness, or the correction of a congenital malformation. Here in Alta View we are fully equipped to perform any orthopedic surgery. We also offer in-hospital referral with Dr. Ron Pumphrey, a veterinary surgeon. Common surgeries performed by Dr. Pumphery include facture repair, TPLO ( to correct torn cruciate ligaments), and patellar luxation correction.

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

We now offer Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy! Vet- Stem Regenerative Stem Cells are derived from an animal's own adipose tissue.  Adipose derived stem cells are capable of differentiating into a variety of tissue types including tendon, ligament, bone, cartilage, and muscle and have been proven to reduce pain and inflammation. Used to treat Osteoarthritis, Polyarthritis, and Orthopedic Soft Tissue. Give us a call to book an appointment or for more questions regarding this type of procedure.

Exotic Animal Medicine

Taking care of avian and exotic pets is a routine day practice here at Alta View Animal Hospital. We are ready to treat rabbits, birds, tortoises, hamsters and many other animals. We offer beak, wing and nail trims to all avian, we also offer diagnostic dentistry and surgical services and husbandry information for exotic pets.


We have a state-of-the-art NEW DIGITAL  X-RAY machine that produces excellent quality radiographs (X-rays).  The new machine will help us go green because we do not use photographic chemicals for our radiographs.


 Ultrasound is cyclic sound pressure non-invasive  imaging that  allows us take a better look at your pets internal organs abdomen and chest area. This is a stress free and painless diagnostic technique done without sedation of your pet.  An ultrasound helps us make better treatment decisions for your pet, and many times can help avoid major surgery.


 We perform electrocardiograms and all pets. This help us diagnose heart conditions and monitor anesthetized patients. We also consult with board certified cardiologist when we deal with heart disease patients.

Blood Pressure Monitor

 hypertension is a common problem in cats and dogs. we can check the blood pressure with our automatic blood pressure monitor.we check when pets underlying disease such as hyperthyroidism or kidney disease.

In-House Laboratory

We have just installed a new complete IDEXX Labs in house diagnostic systems. We can perform Complete Blood counts, chemistry levels, thyroid test and other exams in matter of minutes. We can do these tests for an emergency patient or as a pre-surgical work-up.

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