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V6004 Non-Invasive Blood Pressure and Heart Monitor

images.jpgV6004 Non-Invasive Blood Pressure and Heart Monitors(Smiths SurgiVet)This SurgiVet NIBP Monitor was designed, tested and approvedspecifically for veterinary use. It offers non-invasiveblood pressure, pulse oximetry and a built-in printer. We use the V6004 on or surgery's to monitor the heart rate of our patients.

• Non-invasive blood pressure

• Reads true mean arterial pressure.

• Oscillometric technology.

• Easy-to-read LED display with adjustable brightness.

• Lightweight design with extended-use rechargeable battery.

• Variety of cuff sizes for specific veterinary applications.

• SA mode for cats, dogs under 15 lbs. and small exotics.

• LA mode for animals above 15 lbs.

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