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Alta-View Gives Back

At Alta View Animal Hospital, we care about our community and our feline and canine companions. Our consistent care and assitant is available not only to our clients but to various organizations such as The Wounded Warrior Project, The Humane Society and The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. We are a part of their volunteer program and offer generous contributions and charity donations to help promote dependable option for care with our continous effort.

Our low-cost spay and neuter program promotes the need for breeding control and to reduce the overpopulation of pets. By assisting in population control, we hope to decrease the number of abandonment as well as mass killing by pounds and shelters every year. By advocating spay and neuter program  to our local organizations such as Palo Alto Humane Society, NASA at Moffett Field, Copper's Dream Rescue we hope to reduce the number of stray animals in the community.


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Sign up using the form below or call us at 650-948-1021.

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